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Digital strategies to excel

In the modern communications environment, digital media provide the core channels for organizations to get their message out, reach new supporters and drive constituents to take action. Barriers to entry are lower than ever, but understanding how to use digital platforms strategically makes the difference between average results and exceptional outcomes.

Metric Communications, LLC is an independent consulting practice focused on digital communication strategy for nonprofits, advocacy organizations and public affairs initiatives, with a special emphasis on health care and medical research. The top priority is helping clients use digital tools to achieve high-level organizational objectives.

When you work with Metric Communications, you can expect improved performance and increased return on investment from your digital communications campaigns and properties. Outcomes include:

  • Faster, more cost-effective social audience and email list growth

  • Higher digital fundraising totals and ROI

  • Lower cost per action from ads and other paid media

  • Increased audience engagement

  • More effective constituent mobilization for online and real-world objectives

  • A clearer path to reach your unique organizational goals

Your collaboration with Metric Communications will always be tied to quantifiable measures of success, so you can be confident in the value of our work together. Get in touch now to discuss how your organization can use digital strategy to excel.



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